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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Steampunk Fashions: Fun for the Young

Dramatic and vivid clothes, gorgeous photos in lush settings and lovely artwork make International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa great fun to look at.  Steampunk combines Edwardian and Victorian sciene-fiction styles with modern ones, so several of the fashions are quite weird and really only suitable for those under thirty!  They also don't seem to suit men very well, surprisingly.  However, the prettier ones that feature tiers, frills, lace and Edwardian boots are suitable for older women.  Hopefully, women can wear delicate Edwardian blouses at any age!  Most of the jewellery and accessories can also be worn at any age.

Victoriana Lady Lisa  explains the history of Steampunk, and includes biographies of Steampunk figures and designers.

(This is a steampunk pendant from Wikipedia.

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