Lovestruck by Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig

This engaging romance with its charismatic and lovely characters charmed me from the very first minute. Written in a slightly breathless but enjoyable way, this book by Rachel Schurig not only involves a romance between two people from different worlds; it also takes the reader on a whirlwind journey through London and Edinburgh from the point of view of a young American woman

Lizzie, a young college student in London, comes from a migrant background and close family in Detroit.  Her family expects her to become a teacher, but she secretly wants to write, and she's very much an Anglophile.  When she falls for the gorgeous Thomas, a minor movie star, she wonders if the romance can last, because of their different lifestyles and the snobbishness of the people in his world.  Her best friend supports her, but like Lizzie in Pride & Prejudice, this Lizzie  is going to have to overcome a lot to find out what she really wants.

I'd love to see this book made into a movie.  Any suggestions for the main roles?


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