Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant: True Tales and Gossip from the Galley by Owen Beddall

If you think that the life of a flight attendant is glamorous, think again!  According to Beddall, flight attendants do meet celebrities, stay in five-star hotels and party with the jet-setters, but they also pay a high price for it.  Apparently, there's lots of drug-taking, illness and general bitchiness, and it's a terrifically demanding life. It also wreaks havoc on one's love-life.

Beddall shares lots of enjoyable anecdotes in this book, such as his meetings with Kylie Minogue and Katie Perry.  He even thanks Katie Perry in his Acknowledgements. Some of the stories that he shares are painful, such as the time that he met his long-standing boyfriend's wife! He also shines a light on the goings-on of the pilots and the 'Essex Girls' and other gold-digging staff.

This book is a real indictment of Beddall's treatment by Qantas, and his opinion about the decline of the airline is interesting.  It's quite hard to read. However, it probably won't affect my choice of airline.


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