Seven Letters from Paris A Memoir by Samantha Verant

(Toulouse by En-Batou, Wikimedia Commons)

Samantha Verant met an attractive Frenchman in Paris when she was very young and on holiday with her friend.  They enjoyed a wild and memorable night, but Sam thought that it was better to try to forgot the 'holiday romance, even though Jean-Luc wrote her seven incredibly moving letters.

Several years later, Sam is in a bit of a mess.  She can't solve her marriage problems; she's in debt; her beloved dog is ill; and she has to go and live with her parents.  When she works as a dog-walker, the local women are incredibly snobbish, calling her only 'the dog-walker!'  Thoughts of Jean-Luc return to her, and she begins to wonder what has happened to him.  She comes up with the idea of finding him in an unusual way, and it works!

Luckily, she does find Jean-Luc, but can they find true happiness after so long? What about their cultural differences? Where will they live if they become a couple?

I just loved this well-written and magical fairy-tale like romance, and I am sure that I would really like this couple if I met them! Highly-recommended!

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