The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner

Rebecca Wilding, an archeology professor, has an enviable lifestyle at the beginning of this book. She has a happy marriage, successful children, a good career, and she lives in a beautiful country setting near the sea. Here there are wild kangaroos and lots of Australian wildlife.

Soon Rebecca's life begins to change, however. She can't get on with her smooth and good-looking boss, and she starts to suspect that her husband is having an affair. But her life really begins to unravel when she is suddenly accused of fraud.

This is a beautifully written and gripping story. We are caught in Rebecca's story from the beginning. A likeable and interesting character, she is easy to sympathise with. The suspense builds gradually as she attempts to find out what's happening.

I also liked the history and classical and mythical allusions. The descriptions of the countryside and Italy and Greece are also evocative.


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