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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest. A Medieval Fairy Tale by Melanie Dickerson

I was charmed by this fairy tale like novel set in medieval Germany with it's story of good versus evil and it's strong Christian basis. The atmosphere is exactly right and the love story is believable and sweet. Sometimes the language was too modern, however. I think that the term 'reaching out' was used at one stage!

The story concerns Odette who secretly poaches at night so that she can provide the poor children in the village with meat. When she falls in love with the gamekeeper for the Margrave, young Jorgen, she is in big trouble! Another problem is that her only relative, her uncle, wants her to marry a wealthy man. She owes much to her uncle who has acted as her guardian since the death of her parents, and Marriage to this man is also tempting, 
because he is willing to help her look after the children. 

Although the tale involves good and evil, the characters are well-rounded and their motives are understandable. Even the main characters, although very appealing, are not 'too good to be true'. They come close, however! 

I have always loved fairy tales so I will look up more of Melanie Dickerson's Novels. This one was comforting after my mother died recently. I recommend it if you like appealing Historical Christian novels.

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