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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Storm Leopards by Holly Webb

Snow Leopard Conservancy/Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Protection Department, Snow Leopard at Hemis National Park, India, Wikipedia.

Isabelle feels lonely at her new home and school, but the sight of a beautiful leopard with 'glowing green-gold eyes' at the zoo gives her a new interest.  She buys a little figure of a snow leopard at the shop and discovers that they are endangered creatures. The figure was made by a charity in Mongolia that raises money to protect the snow leopards from hunters.

Soon afterwards, Isabelle suddenly finds herself in a strange place. She is in a beautiful snowy mountainous area of Mongolia where she has to get used to living in a tent and eating different foods Here she makes friends with Odval and a snow leopard with cute cubs.  The problem is that these leopards are being hunted by Odval's brothers because they think that the animals have been eating the family's sheep.  Isabelle and Odval share many adventures as they try to protect the leopards.

I would have loved this book by Holly Webb  as a child, and it will make more children anxious to help these lovely creatures.  However, I did wonder whether it would be a bit too 'girly' for boys.

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