A Girl's Got To Breathe. The Life of Teresa Wright by Donald Spoto

No one who has seen Teresa Wright's performance as the daughter in The Little Foxes  could ever forget it. She was rewarded for her gift at a young age when she won an Academy Award in her twenties.

Wright was a born actress and showed her talent at school. She had to overcome a dreadful childhood to get anywhere at all, apparently. Her mother was a prostitute and deserted her when she was very little. Her father was largely absent but he sent her to a good school. This trial made Teresa Wright tough which helped her in her career. Surprisingly, it didn't make her bitter and she was a lovely person and extremely kind and mentoring.

This book is an interesting analysis of Wright's career and her personal life. It is recommended for anyone interested in old Hollywood.

I received this book free fromNet Galley in exchange for an honest review.


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