Life Class by Chris Wadsworth

The 'axe man', the 'knob man' and the 'sculpture man' were just some of the many eccentric characters who visited the art gallery at Castlegate House near the beautiful Lake District. The man with the axe terrified  Chris Wadsworthbut he turned out to be a farmer who had just bought it for practical reasons. The knob man fixed up the mismatched knobs. The man with the sculptures was difficult to get rid of, however - he insisted on setting up his awful works in the garden!

This is a fascinating tale of how Chris transformed a neglected house into a bustling and well-respected art gallery. She had to cultivate shy artists, hold art exhibitions, and become much more assertive about deterring people with dreadful works. It certainly wasn't all glamour!

I did feel that she was rather pleased with herself at times, but it was certainly a wonderful achievement!


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