A Savvy Sister. Sister Eve and the Blue Nun: A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery by Lynne Hinton

When Sister Eve's friend Kelly, a young lecturer, is killed by drinking cyanide in her tea, she is shocked and horrified.  Who could have murdered her? Was it her brother, Brother Anthony, who was upset with Kelly because she was about to make secret information that he'd given her about a nun who had committed miracles by appearing to a tribe of Native Americans when she was in Spain public? His actions after her death seem rather suspect, but he is a good friend of Sister Eve, and she doesn't think that he could have committed murder.

Sister Eve wonders if she should even become involved because she is struggling to decide whether to remain a nun or work with her irascible father, Jack Devine.  However, she is determined to find out the truth.  Can she cope with the dangers involved? How will she handle her attraction to a certain handsome detective? Will she eventually return to her beloved New Mexico?

This is an enjoyable and well-written mystery with a likeable 'streetwise' sister who rides a motorcycle and an interesting plot. Some reviewers have pointed out that she lies rather a lot, considering that she's a nun, however! he intrigues and rivalries of the community were well-done.  I also liked learning more about New Mexico and the snippets about its art, culture and history.

I will definitely read more books by Lynne Hinton.

I received this free book from BookLook Bloggers in return for an honest review.


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