Jabbed by Brett Wilcox

Brett Wilcox presents a good argument that it is improvements in sanitation, clean water, clean air and other living conditions which have eradicated or lessened many diseases, and not vaccines. Although we are told that most vaccines are safe and effective with either minor side-effects or none at all, he writes that they are, instead, positively dangerous. Even the flu vaccine can have ingredients which cause major side-effects, especially when given to pregnant women.  He also writes about the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, its influence on governments and its limited liability for injuries.

The problem is that this is hard to read. This is partly because the allegations are so horrifying and partly because it is so dense. For example, there are several excerpts from studies.

I don't want to get into arguments about vaccines, but I was a bit amazed to be told that there are 74 mandated vaccines for babies in California. Also, I was lucky not to be given a vaccination for one particular disease because my sensible doctor knew that it might kill me.

I received this free ebook from Edelweis in return for an honest review.


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