Quaker Quicks. What Do Quakers Believe? By Geoffrey Durham

Geoffrey Durham paints a vague, but appealing picture of the Quaker religion. I did wonder whether he is describing an extremely modern form of Quakerism, however, because I thought that Quakers were Christian and Protestant. According to Durham, you don't have to be a Christian to be a Quaker, although the Bible is very important to Quakers. It is possible to be a Hindu or Buddhist Quaker, apparently.

Durham gets rid of the misconceptions concerning Quakers, for example, that they are exclusive or that they dress in black and don't have any fun. He writes eloquently about Quaker philosophy, their belief in an Inner Light and their approach to life, the importance of meetings and their work for charity and society. Many people will have heard that Quakers are pacifists. Durham explains this.  He has Quakers from several different backgrounds describe their experiences at the end of the book.

This is an excellent introduction to Quakerism and I enjoyed reading it.

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.


Hels said…
There are many so-called religious cults around, so it was important for Durham to describe the Quakers beliefs and practices, differentiating them from eg Scientology, Gloriavale Christian Community etc.
Viola said…
Thank you very much for your comment, Hels. I am more interested in the historical Quakers because there is a story that some of
my ancestors were Quakers and one married 'out'. This meant that there was an estrangement in the family in those days.

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