The Tragic Daughters of Charles I Mary, Elizabeth & Henrietta Anne by Sarah-Beth Watkins John Hunt Publishing Ltd Chronos Books

If the daughters of Charles 1 lived now. they could have happy marriages and successful careers because they were remarkably clever. Unfortunately, the poor girls had to endure the regicide of their father, exile from home, and unhappy lives.  Mary's marriage was relatively happy, but she was homesick for England, and Henrietta had an extremely tough time in France.

I enjoyed reading about these sisters. Sarah Beth-Watkins has written a detailed, well-research account and the letters help to bring them alive.  The relationship between Charles II and Henrietta is especially poignant.  The only problem that I have is that Charles 1 is regarded as a saint in the Anglican church because he would not agree to make England Presbyterian, and I didn't feel that she really gave the controversy about his relationship with the Covenanters of Scotland a fair hearing.

However, this book certainly made me want to read more about the period.

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.


Hels said…
I love this era anyhow, but I know nothing about Charles' poor daughters. I can buy it at Readings which has both this book and another Watkins biography worth having, Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots: The Life of King Henry Viii’s Sister.
Viola said…
Thank you, Hels. I have reviewed two books about Queen Margaret, a very interesting and courageous woman.

You may like my new post on Royal Rendezvous about Prince Albert and the Corn Laws.

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