A Schoolmaster's War Harry Ree - A British Agent in the French Resistance by Jonathan Ree Yale University Press, London

Harry Rees takes you right into the thick of the French Resistance with his vivid writings in his diary and his charming tales for young people.  Although he was a pacifist, he reluctantly changed his mind to join the SOE. He is very self-deprecating, arguing that his French wasn't very fluent and that he made a lot of mistakes. However, he certainly had extremely quick wits, because he kept evading the Gestapo even though he was in danger of being betrayed quite often.

Although his job was to commit acts of sabotage, shoot collaborators or train the maquis, he had peaceful interludes in Switzerland occasionally, where he relaxed a bit and he had the time to read. He appears to have been a very wise man, so his thoughts on the war and the books he read are just as interesting as his descriptions of the Resistance.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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