The Engineer's Wife A Novel by Tracey Enerson Wood

Carolus-Duran Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum; Photo: Brooklyn Museum,

A long time ago I walked across the amazing Brooklyn Bridge and I watched a documentary about the making of it, so this book immediately caught my eye. I remember thinking what an inspiring story Emily Warren Roebling's tale was, and this novel certainly does her justice.

Young, ambitious and energetic, Emily Warren doesn't want to be a domesticated wife and do embroidery. When she meets handsome engineer Wash Roebling, she is impressed with his dreams, but she has no idea what life will throw at her. As Wash is afflicted with caisson disease, she has to take over much of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, an almost impossible feat. All this, while she struggles with her feelings for P.T. Barnum, shady characters who want to bring her down, and conflict in her marriage.

I found much of the book harrowing, because of the effect on the workers of the caisson, and the terrible accidents during the building of the bridge. However, it is certainly an inspiring story.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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