The Real Coco Chanel by Rose Sgueglia Pen & Sword

This is a comprehensive book about the amazing Coco Chanel which covers not only her fashion career, but her affairs, her friends, her actions during the war and her legacy. It also contains interviews with curators of museums and people who knew Chanel herself. The writing was a delight to read, although a bit wordy at times, but I thought that Rose Sgueglia was a bit too sympathetic about Chanel's affair with a Nazi and her suspected treachery.

I received this ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


Hels said…
I was always fascinated by Chanel who was a risk-taking designer and dealer of elegance, as well as a confident feminist. She really did have an awful childhood, so I was quite sympathetic at first, but the sympathy didn't last for long. Chanel was fiercely anti-Semitic long before it became a question of pleasing the Germans! Alas she had become rich by catering to very rich families, and shared their loathing of Jews, trade unions etc.
Thanks for the link
Viola said…
Thank you very much, Hels. Rose has a different view about whether Chanel was really anti-Semitic and on the strikes at the business, but her treachery isn't in doubt, I think. I suppose that she became wealthy partly through her affairs with wealthy men who introduced her to their friends. I will read your article and comment again.

I would be interested to know your view about the Princess of Piedmont - I wrote about her on my royal blog.

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