A Fun Read. Painting the Lines by Ashley R. King

 When Amalie meets Julian at a bar, they are both down on their luck, but he is rude and obnoxious as well even if his handsome looks and dark, wavy hair appeal. After learning that Julian failed to achieve his dream of winning the U.S. Open, Amalie decides to base her new novel on him, and use her savings and her Dad's money to help her finally convince her father that she can be a successful father. The only problem is that she and Julian hate each other, but sparks are flying.

Amalie and Julian are both likeable characters, and this is a fun read as they start falling for each other and trying to overcome their problems. The sexual tension between them and beautiful setting in Georgia helps to make this enjoyable. It is an extremely long book, though.

Most romance readers (especially tennis fans) will enjoy this book. I would be interested in reading more by the author.

I received this free ebook from City Owl Press in return for an honest review.


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