Becky's Georgian Reading Challenge. Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer

 Georgette Heyer's famous wit, two charming heroines and an enjoyable romantic story make this novel sparkle. This will certainly help you escape from all the horrendous news!

At 29, golden-haired and wealthy Annis thinks that she is not yet destined to become an ape-leader. (Yes, it is a misogynist term). She is happy with her life, and not short of suitors. When she decides to take young runaway Lucilla under her wing, she soon meets Lucilla's guardian, the rude and arrogant Oliver Carlton. Annis finds herself falling for this 'cad', who shows her his sympathetic side.

I really liked this, but I felt that the romance between Annis and Carlton was somewhat unconvincing and contrived. 


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