Rekindled How Jesus Called Me Back to the Catholic Church and Set My Heart on Fire by Mallory Smyth

 When Mallory Smyth was invited to a party for a former NFL player's sixteen-year old son, she expected the best food and drink and a fun night. What she got was an evening of watching under-age kids wearing revealing clothes and dancing to songs with lyrics which made her cringe. She just felt emptiness. One scene especially stood out - the rope separating the teenagers from the adults. The parents of these Catholic schools knew that their children were breaking the rules, but they didn't care.

It reminded Mallory of the life that she'd lived which didn't bring true happiness. She writes luminously about how only faith can bring freedom and joy and she found it by going back to the Catholic faith in which she'd been brought up. She had 'cute clothes and great friends' and everything that she thought that she wanted, but she eventually realised that these were just idols, so she decided to explore the truth and the history of Christianity.

Mallory Smyth doesn't shy away from controversial topics in this book. She discuss the child abuse scandal of the Church, and she also writes about the Church's teachings on homosexuality, sex before marriage and birth control. She is also very concerned with how the Church can reach out to the young.

This is a wonderful book to read for anyone considering converting, or wanting to return to the fold. Congratulations, Mallory!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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