London and the Seventeenth Century The Making of the World's Greatest City by Margarette Lincoln

 This is thoroughly researched and a detailed vivid look at London in the seventeenth century. It is heavy-going, however, and really a textbook rather than bedtime reading! This is suitable for students and those who are very interested in the subject.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


Hels said…
I keep coming back to 17th century London, especially the second half of that century, whenever I have the freedom to choose my own era and my own city. However I realised early on that far more students would enrol in my courses when the history was more modern.

Does Margarette Lincoln discuss the Huguenots moving to London?
Viola said…
The book becomes much more interesting after the first chapters. I think that I like biography better than general histories and that was the problem with my finding the book heavy-going at first. There is a whole chapter on immigrants which mostly deals with the Huguenots and it is fascinating.

London is my favourite city. We usually visit every year but we can't this year and even next year is doubtful! We almost became stranded there last year but we had a lovely afternoon at Richmond.

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