Lillie Langtry: A Biography of her Life and Loves by Noel Gerson

Lillie Langtry by Sarony at Wikimedia

Kind, generous and extremely smart. Lillie was all three, but everyone remembers her as the beautiful mistress of Edward VII, unfortunately. Lillie was much more than that, and Noel Gerson does her justice in this fascinating biography, although he leaves out some of her famous affairs. This is one of the best biographies of Lillie that I've read. Some were a bit dry and dull, surprisingly.

Captivating and artistic, Lillie became an excellent actress - she was even helped by Sarah Bernhardt - and successful in the English and American theatres. She was also a good businesswoman. This book delves into her relationships with her lovers and husbands, her friends (who included Oscar Wilde) and her rather sad relationship with her daughter. Gerson analyses the character of the very likeable, but sometimes ruthless Lillie, but doesn't fall in love with his subject. Almost!

This is a great read for anyone interested in Lillie and the Edwardian era.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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