One Stormy Night by Sophia Sawyer

 This is an enjoyable, relaxing romance set on a remote Scottish island. I love the exotic and romantic setting and it's the main reason I read the book! However, with likeable strong characters, a conflicted romance and a big storm, how can you go wrong? It is cliched, but the author gets away with it. However, I did find some of the writing a bit earthy, which clashed with most of it.

Charlie, an ambitious assistant to Lachlan Hart, has been left a cottage on a Scottish island by her Aunt.Tired of bossy, workaholic Lachlan's demands, she swiftly resigns, and flies from NY to the island to see the cottage. It's beautiful, but it's going to cost a lot to repair. However, she decides to see it through somehow.

A huge storm is coming, and just when Charlie is getting ready to rush to the ferry, Lachlan turns up, unable to do without her. They don't make it to the ferry, and stuck together on the island, they see different sides to each other...

I received this free ebook from City Owl Press in return for an honest review.


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