Eight Days of Christmas by Starla DekruyF

 This is an enjoyable and sweet holiday romance, which draws you into the story quickly. 

Isabella has a stellar career writing for The New Yorker, but her fiancé,  has just broken up with her, and she is sleeping on a friend's sofa. Feeling sad and lonely, she decides to go home for Christmas after several years. When her plane has to land a long way away from her destination, her old boyfriend Leo drives her home, and she discovers that this 'boy next door' has been roped in for her family's 'Eight Days of Christmas', consisting of an activity for each day. As she and Leo join in the festivities, Isabella discovers that he never left her heart, but can she find her way back to him when she holds secrets, and Harrison returns, or is it too late...?

This is a long book but I found the romance moving, and I liked the extremely 'Christmassy' setting with all the trimmings - snow, mistletoe, and frosty weather - and the activities. It is a warmhearted family Christmas as well as an entertaining romance. I'd be interested in reading more Pineridge romances.

I received this free ebook from City Owl Press in return for an honest review.



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