The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea by Katherine Quinn

I am not a fan of fantasy, except for Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Lord Dunsany. I find fantasy romantic novels difficult to get into, and this one was long, but the fantasy world was vividly described, and the main characters were extremely likeable. However, it really needs to be read slowly.

Margrete is about to get married to a husband chosen for her by her cruel father when her home is suddenly attacked by an army of bloodthirsty men, and she finds herself kidnapped by a pirate who takes her to a stunningly beautiful island called Azantian. She soon finds out that the pirate Bash, to whom she is deeply attracted, is really the king. However, there are many mysteries. Who are the fascinating sea people of Azantian, and why does Bash hate her father so much? What are the other deep secrets on this island? Margrete wants to escape, but fate has other plans in store for her...This is enjoyable, light reading during the pandemic.

I received this free ebook from City Owl Press in return for an honest review.


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