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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

A moving love story, a romantic old bookshop, and charming and likeable characters.  What could be better?  After reading The Bridge, I could understand why Karen Kingsbury is a best-selling author. 
Molly Allen watches a video which she made with Ryan Kelly once a year – the only time she allows herself to indulge in her happy memories of their time together.  Even though she is pretty and successful, she remains single because she yearns for the handsome boy who she met years ago.

Ryan, an aspiring musician, has never married or forgotten Molly either.  He also longs for the days when he and Molly used to meet at The Bridge, a cosy bookshop in an old house.  Here they would discuss books such as Jane Eyre and enjoy talking to Charlie and Donna, the understanding and helpful couple who own the bookshop.  Their love of books unites them with Charlie and Donna and leads them to fall in love.

A terrible misunderstanding tears the young couple apart. Now, years later, Charlie and Donna may have to close their beloved bookshop because of money trouble and both Ryan and Molly are anxious to help them but can their love for each other be saved?

This is a well-written and emotional tribute to books and bookshops everywhere and how they can change people’s lives.  I especially liked the Jane Eyre motif which runs through The Bridge and what Jane Eyre means to Molly and Ryan.  It’s also a story about hope and the importance of faith and prayer, although non-religious romance lovers are likely to enjoy The Bridge as well.  

I read this on my Kindle, thanks to Net Galley, however it really is the kind of book which should be read in paperback or hardback, sitting beside the fireplace on a winter’s night or in the garden on a hot summer’s day.  I look forward to reading more novels by Karen Kingsbury soon!


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