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Friday, June 22, 2012

How to be Ballet Beautiful!

Ballet Beautiful is the best exercise book I've read!  I hate exercise and I love ballet so I had high hopes when I received this book and it didn't let me down.  It's an exercise program which is suitable for travelling - it can be done anywhere and you hardly need any equipment for it.  If you haven't got time to do an hour of exercises, Mary Helen Bower's fifteen-minute 'blasts' will help you to keep fit.

Mary Helen Bowers  promises a lot in the first part of the book.  She writes that this program will help you improve your flexibility, your posture, your 'abbs' and even your 'inner beauty'.  It will help you to get the long lines of a ballerina, become fit, and lose weight if you need to. The former New York City Ballet dancer did train Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, however, so I was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt!

Still, I found all of this a bit difficult to believe.  However, I was pleasantly surprised!  My sore neck made it a bit hard for me to do many of the exercises but even doing some of them made me feel much better.  The fifteen-minute ones seem to be quite gentle and easy.  The very helpful photos give examples of correct positions and procedures.

It is probably advisable to buy the DVD as well as the book to keep motivated!  I am going to have a giveaway of this book soon so keep reading!

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