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Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Captivating Romance from Destiny Romance

A charming and funny heroine, a hero who oozes masculinity and self-confidence, and witty dialogue.  These elements make Elise K. Ackers's  The Man Plan a delight to read.  It's also a moving love story with a surprising amount of depth.  I almost cheered when the two main characters got together!

The story involves Cora, a pretty, blonde girl who is heart-broken when her beloved father dies.  She decides to refuse to be alone for another Christmas, so she develops a 'man plan'.  She then finds that true love is close at hand.

I did wonder why the hero of this book was so incredibly tall! That's the only thing that annoyed me about it, although I was pretty jealous of Cora's youth and blonde curls.

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