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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

L.A. - City of Angels or Devils? Red Carpet Burns by Georgia Cassimatis

When young Australian journalist Georgia Cassimatis follows her gorgeous boyfriend, Simon, to Los Angeles in search of 'life, love and adventure', she gets a lot more than she bargained for.  She and Simon lived the 'life of Riley' in Sydney, waking up to views of the glorious harbour at the 'Toaster' building, and dining on oysters at five-star restaurants.  In L.A. it's a different story.

Simon turns out to be a nasty piece of work who can't stand Georgia drinking...COFFEE, shouts at her mother when she buys lemon cake and comes home stoned in front of her parents.  He's a health fanatic, but this seems to be the least of his and Georgia's problems.

Needless to say, the emotional abuse wears Georgia down and she hates L.A. However, her life and her fast-paced and 'sassy' book, Red Carpet Burns, improves when she gets away from him and becomes friendly with nice Australian actors.  Her tales of finding work and dating in L.A. are hilarious.  I will quote from her book here when it becomes available.  She also makes insightful and perceptive comparisons of Sydney and Los Angeles.

Georgia also gets to live the 'five-star life' in Los Angeles, interviewing movie-stars and jetting off to exotic places such as Bora Bora.  I enjoyed reading her accounts of these but she does seem to praise them all, and there isn't any juicy gossip here.

I really liked this book, although I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more info about the movie-stars.  I also didn't really see why Georgia writes that 'she fell in love with L.A.'  I got the impression that she hated it a lot of the time.  There is some swearing in the book and Georgia is also rather impulsive with men at first, so some people might be a bit shocked.

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