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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blood Sisters by Sarah Gristwood

Women such as Marguerite of Anjou,, Margaret of Burgundy and Margaret of Beaufort recruited armies, arranged marriages and supported political factions.  They also gave alms to charity and even played a large role in supporting universities and scholarship.  These important women of the Middle Ages certainly didn't let any grass grow under their feet! The women of the Wars of the Roses have often been regarded as unimportant, but Blood Sisters does them justice.

This book also evokes the splendid pageantry and celebrations of the Middle Ages and the 'lifestyles' of these women.  Even their books are described.  There are also some lovely legends and anecdotes in this enjoyable and interesting book, such as the love story of the beautiful Elizabeth Woodville.
Unfortunately, I still find the Wars of the Roses pretty confusing, but Sarah Gristwood certainly does her best to explain them.  The facts of this area of history are just baffling by their nature.

I highly recommend this thoroughly researched book for lovers of English history.

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