Cinderella and the Carpetbagger by Grace Robbins

This is a rather shocking and trashy tale, but I couldn't help liking its long-suffering and good-hearted author, Grace Robbins.  If you get past the weird beginning, the book is enjoyable to some extent until it reaches its tragic ending.

When Elizabeth Taylor look-alike, Grace, met the famous writer Harold Robbins, he swept her off her feet and showered her with diamonds and fur-coats.  They eventually had a daughter, married, and lived a glamorous life in California and the south of France.  They associated with movie-stars and the very wealthy and held lavish parties.  Grace raised money for charity.

After Harold Robbins demanded an open marriage and started taking drugs, everything went to hell...

This book if certainly not suitable for children, and I really felt that Grace gives the readers 'too much information' at times, and she also seems to delight in doing it.  This annoyed me a bit.


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