How to Handle Rejection Well. Downside Up by Tracey Mitchell

When Tracey Mitchell first started in the media, she worked for a man who said extremely hurtful things to her, and told her that she would never make it.  She rehearsed his words for days, and they became even more powerful as she rehearsed them.  Eventually she decided to either accept them as final or she could turn his rejection into a positive.  She decided to do the latter and she didn't look back.

This great book will help you to do the same.  Most people find it difficult to deal with rejection, but handling rejection is an essential part of life.  Tracey Mitchell shows how to turn rejection into a 'golden opportunity', and she encourages people to use the power of religion and prayer to help them to achieve this.

She discusses the truths about rejection, the importance of handling rejection well in order to become successful and many other aspects of this subject.  I especially liked her chapters on self-esteem and handling other people's opinions, and how to handle manipulators.

Mitchell also discusses emotional relationships and the fear of living alone.  She suggests many ways in which to overcome this fear.  These are also quite helpful for everybody, such as writing down your personal strengths and spending time with those who recognise your worth.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs assistance with overcoming rejection.


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