Dear Mr Knightley by Katherine Reay

I loved reading this moving, warm-hearted novel about the power of hope, love and forgiveness. I didn't want it to end.

The novel's engaging heroine Sam is a former foster-child who has been offered a place at Journalism school on condition that she writes to her sponsor Mr Knightley. Sam has to go through the ringer at her new college. Her lecturer chides her for her lack of passion in her writing; she has trouble mentoring Kyle, another former foster child; her friend's mother doesn't think that Sam has any 'preceding or style', and she has many other problems.

Sam's journey towards a successful career and finding true love kept me riveted, although I felt that the book was a bit too miserable at times. I also enjoyed all the literary allusions.

This was a wonderful mixture of Daddy Long Legs and Jane Austen with some Jane Eyre!


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