The Two Mrs Abbotts by D E Stevenson

This is another 'light, bright and sparkling' novel by DE Stevenson! I don't know how she managed to write three of these books.

It's again full of charming, eccentric characters, such as a frustrated romantic writer who discovers that her books are no good, and a disappointed young man in love with a rather common young woman.  Barbara doesn't play much of a role, unfortunately, but she does catch up with Sarah, the doctor's wife.  It's also good to see that she now has two children.

Jerry's husband has gone off to war, so she has to cope alone, but she has clever Markie, her former teacher to help her.  She indulges in a bit of match-making where her personable brother is concerned, so that she can keep occupied.

The first novel about Barbara was the best, but this one is a lovely and relaxing book to read.


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