What Our Minds Do When We Read Novels by Orhan Pahmuk

We enter into second lives when we read novels, according to Pahmuk.  In this intriguing extract from his book, he writes about how we enter into a novel as if it is a landscape painting, and we live vicariously through the characters. He explains why we get annoyed if this isn't possible.

Pahmuk also separates the naive novelist from the reflective one. The naive novelist writes spontaneously while the reflective one thinks about the process of writing. Pahmuk writes more about this in his book.

The true reason why we read novels, however, is because we are searching for the meaning of life. All novels have secret centres, i.e. a secret meaning. These help us discover our own purpose and the meaning of our own lives.

I will certainly read Pahmuk's book now.


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