Spanish Dreaming. Only in Spain by Nellie Bennett

(Maya Belen from Wikipedia)

This is a must-read for anyone who  longs to leave a tedious life behind, and achieve their true ambitions.

A long red flowing gypsy skirt that cost $700.00 changed Nellie Bennett's life.  It brought home to her the dullness of her job as a shopgirl at a prestigious Sydney department store, and took her to a flamenco studio where she dreamed of learning to dance in Spain.  She had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get to Spain, including refusing to buy a luxury item, but she finally got to Seville.  Here she lived an idyllic life amongst the festivals and orange blossoms, fell for her handsome dancing master, and made a good friend.  The scrumptious Spanish food even led her to leave her vegan diet behind!

Vivid descriptions of Seville's celebrations, moonlit nights and streets filled with the scent of incense and orange blossoms make this book a delight.  Bennett even manages to make the tale of her struggles with learning flamenco dancing and the Spanish language captivating.

I just loved this book.  Even though I obtained a free eBook from Net Galley, I will definitely buy one!


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