The Case for Christmas A Journalist Investigates The Case Of The Child In The Manger Lee Strobel

When Lee Strobel visits an extremely poor family living in an almost bare apartment, the faith and hope of the family surprises him.  He goes back to his writing troubled and starts to reconsider his atheism and his despair.  He feels that he has every material possession but he is unhappy, while they are poor and their faith gives them inner strength.

After he writes an article about the family, he visits them again to find that generous people have showered them with money and gifts.  He is even more surprised to learn that the family is going to give most of them away!  This is what Jesus would want them to do, the mother tells him.

Strobel decides to discover more about Jesus and investigate him like a journalist.  He speaks to experts to find out the truth of the gospels, and learns that they really are based on eyewitness accounts and written by the actual authors.  He also finds out that archaeological discoveries are validating places mentioned in the Bible, and other biblical facts. The virgin birth stumps him, he admits, but after he speaks to a medical expert about it, he thinks that it is possible.

This book probably won't convince died-in-the-wool agnostics and atheists to convert to Christianity, but I found it an interesting account of a spiritual journey, based on a great idea.


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