The Isis Crisis by Charles H Dyer and Mark Tobey

This book provides a lucid and thorough explanation of the history of Islam and the origins of Isis. It includes the history of how artificial states were created by the colonists, a discussion of whether Isis is a state, and the Middle East conflicts.

It also explains the frightening ideology of this well-funded and well-organised terrorist group, the dangers that it poses to us (especially Christians) and the conflicts over oil, religion and ethnicity in the chaotic area.  Isis wants to form a worldwide caliphate,  has even threatened to raise the flag in the White House, and they are persecuting and massacring large numbers of people and enslaving women. They especially hate Christians.

I did find the last part of the book which has an account of the Book of Revelation and the future of mankind rather esoteric, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about how we got into this scary situation.


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