The Life Cycles Revolution by Neil Killion

Let Neil Killion take you on another date with destiny with his fascinating book The Life Cycles Revolution.  This book continues the journey begun in Life Cycles and expands on the theory.  This is so that you can begin to 'know yourself' and start controlling your own life.

According to Neil's theory, we live in 'symbolically repeatable twelve-year cycles' with two important years in which fate plays an unusual part.  These are the first year of the cycle, the 'Year of Revolution', and the seventh year of the cycle, the 'Year of Broken Pathways'.  In the 'Year of Revolution' we face upheavals and new beginnings.  The 'Year of Broken Pathways' is marked by challenges and obstacles. Neil illustrates this hypothesis by showing how these years affected the careers of many famous people, such as Charles Darwin and Tony Blair.

Significant years include the ages of twelve, twenty-four and thirty-six.  In these years, you are likely to face an upheaval and the start of a new cycle.  The ages of seven, nineteen, thirty-one, and so on, are likely to bring changes of direction and challenges. Neil encourages readers to examine their last 'significant' year and see how fate affected them.  This will help you to understand your life and improve it.

It's certainly a fascinating theory, but this is a large book and I have to admit to finding it a bit complicated and esoteric at times! I felt that it required in-depth study and I didn't have time to go into it in enough detail, even though Neil kindly sent me a free copy to review almost a year ago, so I feel pretty guilty.  Luckily, I can keep it and continue to study it. Next year is one of my 'significant years,' so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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