A Dangerous Woman by Susan Ronald

Beautiful, wealthy and clever, Florence Lacaze had a great ambition. She wanted to be an opera singer. However, it was easier for her to marry wealthy men and when she eventually married Frank Jay Gould, she hit the jackpot! She and Frank cut a swathe through the Riviera with their lavish hotel and casino businesses but they associated with swindlers and thieves, and scandals would eventually follow them. These were nothing, however, compared with Florence’s extremely questionable activities during The Second World War…

This was a very enjoyable book, partly because of all of Florence’s famous friends, such as Chanel and Arletty, and the wonderful descriptions of the luxurious lifestyle on the Riviera in those days. I have seen Arletty in old movies but I didn’t know much about her. However, I found the machinations of the casino and hotel businesses very technical at times.

If you like biographies and reading about high society, you will enjoy learning about this ‘dangerous woman’.

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.



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