A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

Vivienne, a lacemaker to Queen Marie Antointette, finds herself in grave danger in the midst of the French Revolution. She manages to escape to Philadelphia only to see that the Jacobins are powerful there, and she is surrounded by untrustworthy people, except for Liam, a brave farmer,. who helps her. Suddenly she has a precious charge. Can she protect him?

This enjoyable Christian novel by Jocelyn Green has a likeable hero and heroine, interesting historical detail and a well-thought out plot.  I especially liked reading about the real people who were involved in the fascinating politics of this era of American history, such as Alexander Hamilton, and the intricacies of the whisky tax. The whisky tax was a surprise to me.

I received this free ebook through the Bethany House Reviewer Program in return for an honest review.


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