The Saturday Night Supper Club by Carla Laureano

When Alex, a handsome young writer, tries to defend successful chef Rachel from an awful allegation, it leads to disaster. Rachel makes a mistatement on social media anbd ruins an interview leading to the shattering of her career. Luckily, she has good friends but she is only 30 and now she has to start again. Alex comes to the rescue but can Rachel really trust him?

This is a well-written and moving romance with likeable characters who struggle with their ambitions and their consciences. Both Rachel and Alex have also had problems with their families. Alex comes from a Russian Orthodox family but he is searching for a different kind of Christianity and his parents are also upset that he didn't become a psychologist. Rachel left home for various reasons at a very young age.

I also liked the sometimes glamorous setting of Denver's thriving food scene. Some of Rachel's recipes sound scrumptious! I suggest that it's a bad idea to read this novel if you are hungry - unless it inspires you to try to cook like Rachel.

The criticism of social media is also timely. People can easily lose their careers or be publicly shamed all over the world by one mistaken or even false tweet. Judgment is swift and there are very rarely second chances.  It's a dangerous technology and this book highlights the problems associated with it, even for totally innocent people with good intentions.

I love Carla Laureano's writing. This is highly recommended if you like light romances with some depth.

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ISBN         9781496428271

PRICE       $24.99 (USD)


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