Life Under Nazi Occupation The Struggle to Survive During World War II by Paul Roland Arcturus Publishing

Churchill condemned the Nazis strongly early in the war:
               'Every week (Hitler's) firing parties are busy in a dozen lands. Mondays he shoots
                Dutcchmen, Tuesdays, Norwegians, Wednesdays, French or Belgians stand against
                the wall. Thursdays it is the Czechs who must suffer and now there are the Serbs
                and the Greeks to fill his repulsive bill of executions. But always, all the days,
                there are the Poles'.

Paul Roland studies the effects of the Nazis on every occupied country in this thoroughly researched book, and what a tale of woe it is. They terrorised every occupied country; they were responsible for the Holocaust, and killed and tortured millions of others, as well as plundering and looting most of these countries.  It's incredibly harrowing reading and written in a fairly dry way, so it is really mostly useful for students and researchers, however, it is certainly worth reading if you are very interested in the subject.

I found the sections on Poland, the Channel Islands and Greece the most interesting, probably because I have read a lot about France during the war.  Roland restores the reputation of the Polish treatment of the Jews to some extent by pointing out that up to 90,000 Poles risked their lives and the lives of their friends and families to give shelter to 28,000 Jews in the months before the Warsaw uprising. The treatment of the Polish by the Nazis was especially horrific because they considered them to be an inferior race, so resistance was incredibly difficult, especially when Poland's leaders, elite, and members of the aristocracy were murdered. The Nazis also made every effort to destroy Polish culture.

If you are interested in The Second World War, this is worth buying.

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