The Neglected C.S. Lewis. Mark Neal and Jerry Root

In this beautifully-written but fairly demanding book, the authors argue that readers can't really know C.S. Lewis until they have read his works of literary criticism,  the history of words and the medieval world-view. They include chapters on each of these works. Some sound much more interesting and readable than others, although the authors present an excellent argument about why people should read them. For example, C.S. Lewis's book on his fellow Inkling's rather obscure poem about King Arthur would be worth reading if you really wanted to study Williams's influence on Lewis and his thoughts about King Arthur relate to theology, but I would rather read Lewis's books on chivalry and literary criticism.

The Neglected C.S. Lewis certainly provides an excellent introduction to all of these works, explaining their reasoning and philosophy, and their relationship with his novels.  The way to read this book is to read the chapter about the book and then read the C.S. Lewis work.

I received a free ebook from Paraclete Press in return for an honest review.


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