The Parables of Sunlight by Margaret Dulaney

 When Margaret Dulaney starts to heal a sick horse, she starts a journey of recovery herself on her beloved, but formerly neglected farm. She meets odd characters, communes with nature and thinks over her past. She also thinks about philosophy and religion. Margaret has rare gifts of understanding and sensitivity, and she can actually 'talk' to animals at times. For example, she tells a doe that it should leave the world, and they understand each other.

This is a charming mixture of nature-writing, philosophy and religion with lovely illustrations. I found it quite 'New Agey,' and Margaret doesn't appear to have a good opinion of organised religion. Unfortunately, this wasn't really my kind of book, but if you like nature-writing and reading about animals and philosophers with some literary anecdotes you will enjoy it.

I received this free book from Smith Publicity in return for an honest review.


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