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Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Underground's Underworld. The London Underground's Strangest Tales by Iain Spragg

Have you ever been squashed in the London Tube, and felt that you might faint or suffocate?  It's awful, but travelling on the Tube was far worse in the 19th century.  One poor American wrote that he nearly died of 'asphyxiation and heat', because of the sulphur, coal dust and fumes from the oil lamp above.  The Tube was far more dangerous then, because of the constant threat of fire and the noxious fumes.

This book is  full of fascinating information about the London Underground.  Read about the wailing Egyptian princess who haunts the line to the British Museum, Mark Twain's journey on the Tube, and Tony Blair's being snubbed by a young female commuter!  It's certainly the perfect book to read on the way to work, or on a long ride on the Tube.

And by the way, which line has the sexiest commuters?  You will have to read The London Underground's Strangest Tales to find out!

The London Underground's Strangest Tales by Iain Spragg
Anova Books
Ebook: 3.99

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