1955 The Summer When... by Valerie Thornhill

This is the kind of book that I was looking for when I tried to read Breathless.  Valerie Thornhill was once a young nineteen-year old from England who travelled solo in Europe, an intrepid thing to do in that era. Ambitious to be a writer, she kept a journal, and in this book she recounts several exciting adventures.  These include staying in an expensive flat in Paris with fleas in the floorboards, having to escape dangerous men, and being horrified by a bullfight in Spain that her provocative German friend enjoys.  She cheers the bull, so she finds herself taken away by the guardias who hurl insults at her!  She was certainly lucky to survive some of her 'escapades' - at one stage she has to actually make a run for it when some evil men try to drag her away.

I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book about Thornhill's travels in France, Spain and Italy, and I certainly want to read more books by this wonderful author.


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