From Scotland with Love by Katie Fforde

(Deep Snow near Dunachton Burn by Peter Bond )

Katie Fforde is one of my favourite romantic authors, and anyone who reads this enchanting story will see why I enjoy her books so much.

Daisy, the engaging heroine, travels to the wilds of Scotland to try to fix up her failure at her PR job.  Here she finds herself stuck with grumpy Rory, a famous and handsome author, in a snow-storm.  She also has to cope with cooking with few ingredients and a very pregnant dog, Griselda.

This was a fun read for Christmas and a sweet love story.  I also liked reading about beautiful snow-clad Scotland in the midst of the ghastly heat and humidity that we have to endure in Australia at Christmas time. Unfortunately, I can't even move to a cooler part of the country.


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