Inside Isis: The Brutal Rise of A Terrorist Army by Benjamin Hall

Everyone should read this harrowing and concerning book! Benjamin Hall explains the convoluted rise of Isis and the complex politics of the Middle East, a region that is going up in flames as the dominoes fall. He studies whether Obama's foreign policy is working, and what we should do to combat this 'death cult' as our PM calls it.

There is no doubt that it is a death cult. Hall describes in graphic detail the brutality of Isis - the story of the death of James Foley will bring tears to your eyes. The treatment of its enemies and enslaved women is unbelievably cruel. Unfortunately, the Westerners who join Isis are the nastiest.

Hall provides details of how Isis takes over cities gradually, pleasing people at first and then ruling with harsh laws and punishments, such as beheadings. Unfortunately, Isis is making so much money from oil, extortion and kidnappings that it is hard to fight.

Hall makes some excellent suggestions about strategies to defeat This frightening terrorist group.


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