Everything Love Is by Claire King

In the dramatic beginning of this book, a young mother gives birth on a train and suddenly dies. No one knows who she is.  Her son, Baptiste, is adopted by the childless woman who tries to help his mother, and yearns for his mother and his true identity.

Many years afterwards, Baptiste lives a lovely life on a houseboat in France, where he counsels people and plays the piano.  He has great insight into other people's problems and he loves his work, but love remains elusive. Can Baptiste manage to find true love with the one woman who understands him?

This is a beautifully written and utterly charming book, but I did find it a little bit confusing with its flashbacks and tendency to jump between characters and situations.  Also, it was all written in lower-case which was hard to get used to, but it was a moving love story and I'll certainly be reading much more of the wonderful Claire King!

I received this free ebook published by Bloomsbury from Net Galley in return for an honest review.


Claire King said…
Really to sorry to hear that your NetGalley copy was all in lower case, that is not at all how it should have appeared.

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