Images of the Past: The British Seaside by Lucinda Gosling

This delightful book with its images of the seaside will take you into a world of nostalgia, gaudiness and even glamour.  There are photographs, posters, cartoons and paintings of every different aspect of the British enjoying coastal resorts in bygone days, such as the transport, the entertainment and the fashions, as well as the cliched scenes of happy families and children building sandcastles. Some of the pictures are amusing, such as the ladies wearing string vests on their heads, the men in suits on hot summer days and the lady in beach pyjamas which look home-made. The writing is interesting and easy-to-read and the captions are extremely detailed.

I especially liked the information and images of the resorts in Edwardian times, such as the Punch and Judy shows and the Pierrot shows. There were also glamorous buildings in some of the resorts, where a wide variety of entertainment could be found. Tower Ballroom at Blackpool with its dance floor of mahogany, oak  and walnut looks spectacular. The white turrets of Spanish City also look inviting, and this unusual building in Whiteley Bay also offered lots of shows. It inspired Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits's song 'Tunnel of Love!'

Unfortunately, some of these attractive towns have suffered from a decline in recent years. However, a regeneration project is enabling restoration of the famous dome of Spanish City, and there are other signs of new life. Hopefully, this book will help. If I were English, it would certainly inspire me to visit many of these towns!

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

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